Safeguard provides its security services to a spectrum of clients with an employee strength of over 3000 employees.

The company Provides its Services to International Sporting Events and Conferences regularly and consults with Government and Industrial bodies on issues of Security.

The Safeguard Security program is an on-going process that includes the development of regulations, procedures, and practices to provide a high level of security for property and for the personal security of employees, executives, staff and visitors.

Operational Training in the security field is a crucial and high priority for the Safeguard Group to achieve its goals.

The Security Training will comprise of basic preparatory and operational functions.
Code of Conduct
Different Types of Security
Handling of Misconduct and Intoxication
Liaison and Reporting procedures
Questioning of Suspected persons
Physical endurance to deal with Threats
Plant and Office security
Security Checklists
Electronic security products (Basics-Non Technical)
Fire emergencies
Codes to use for different types of threats
Basic First Aid procedures
SOP’s – Special Operating Procedures
After the conclusion of exercises the results and finding are evaluated along with problems and reaction times to check the Security Personnelís capacity to prevent and neutralize any threats to the security function.

All the offices are functional on a 24 hour basis and all senior management personnel are also available for contingencies and client servicing at all times.

The Safeguard Group has in its arsenal all the requisite equipment from Wireless Radio sets to Metal Detectors to cater to Physical Security Service functions.

We adhere to all statutory payments like Minimum Wages, ESI, PF, Professional Tax and Service Tax.